Jiangxi kaimei Furniture Industrial Co. Ltd.

Korean furniture

Guangdong kaimei Furniture Co. Ltd., is a set design, development, production, sales and service in one of the new modern furniture enterprise. Specializing in the production and operation of modern furniture, imported plate production line, rich management and skills superb staff. The company with innovative ideas, adhere to humane management, based on the character that the principle of the product as a shape, intentions in products, details of quality and provide forward-looking modern furniture design field, the classic type and solution, which can effectively protect the interests of customers, but also better reflects the value of the customer. After many years of good faith operation and stable development, Kammy won the majority of customers trust and praise, become a powerful force in the domestic furniture industry. At present, the furniture industry is increasing its efforts to integrate, The whole company implements the capital movement, and strives to become the leading brand of the domestic furniture industry in the next five years